July 07, 2010

So perfect,

(picas from last sat/sun)

and he was drawing this! haha

harrow to the boy above! basically, he's the only person whom i wanna spend my weekends with now.... and i cant wait for this weekend already. i miss this boy a lot.

went back to sa yesterday w wenshit, and we bumped into pammy! got back our cert/testi and what not, had ayam penyet at the school canteen. damn, i missed sa's food so much, sa's food > np's food anytime i swear. but well, we wont be going back anytime soon, i mean we wont even have to go back to sa, oh well. shit, i should stop talking about sa's food already, but i really miss you muslim stall's and i miss you horfun aka the "sentosa mian" lol! met william lee and chongster in school. william lee actually remembered me as the girl who wants a rich husband lol, so that's like the only impression i left for myself after two years, what an impression! i really do miss william's classes, though he could be a bore at (many) times, i felt at home in sa. idk i dont get this feeling in np, not even close. k i shall just drop that already.

at the gallery! what a nice place, used to sit on the steps every morning before assembly, and we used to sleep/htht at that area too. nice place.. but a stupid picture though.
(wenshit's stepping on a step higher hahaha no i didnt mean anything) ^^

anyways, i'm down w fever and throat infection.
but im better already, thanks to the power of love. lol jk i went to the doctor and i had five diff med. gave school a miss today, which means i missed the important obse lecture for the common test next week, gg.

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