August 12, 2010

Day 03

a well spent weekend, with my boy.
his guard duty on sunday ruined our initial long weekend plan (guard duty on national day weekend?! wtf) though, but i still had fun. and i always do, with him around. so friday, i had fries for the very first time after one long month! yes, that long! sean promised me to supper at macs, and i tried honey chipotle fries for the first time, finally. wasnt that amazing as how people raved, i still prefer the previous shaker fries. headed back to his crib and stayed the night, and on sat, we headed down to suntec for some chinese food, and finally back to bp for some ljs. gosh, fastfood two nights in a row! oh, and sean booked in that night.... leaving me all alone on a sunday?! :( hahaha truth but nah, i kid. he had no choice anyways.



and mon, i got to meet my happy pill once again, but just a short while. so we had lunch and spent all day lazing at his crib (that's just me, he was busy packing his field camp stuff).

it's day 03 into his field camp (otherwise known as fieldshit), which also means three days of zero communication already, well another three more days to go before i can speak to him on the phone... but then again, he cant book out till the 20th. that's... long.
he handed me a couple of stuff; something he made himself to push me to study heee(he's trying his best to help, but im not even trying to help myself), stitch (i guessed he figured out that i love his stich so much... haha), and a thumbdrive before leaving for his fieldshit.

he made six short videos, and im supposed to watch one video each day, not all at one go. just so that i can still hear his voice, and know what he'll be doing everyday.... :)
but that makes me miss him even more.

and two diff occasions at his crib, hmmm pretty obvious im in love with his stitch. lol but just that stitch, im biased like that. well yes stitch's accompanying me while he's away.....
i miss you sean. so much. so much, and it sucks.


Wenhui said...

Haha your bf's really sweet! ^^

zhengning said...

heee, yeah im really lucky. :)