September 05, 2010

Cause all you do is hope, you’re all fucking hopeless.

four weeks of study break, well but i only spent a week mugging, haha im so proud of myself i finally started reading up itb four days before my paper, man im so screwed. my boy came over this afternoon and brought me hellokitty chupachups, so that i wont fall asleep again while studying, he's so sweet, as sweet as those lollies! hahaha! (but im afraid i might end up sleeping while sucking those lollies) alright i better stop my nonsense ahha but one thing, he's really sweet haha. love you.
last paper on thursday and i'll be back soon. exams suck my dick!!! (even though i dont have one)

ok i will be back with a proper post! meanwhile im looking for a part time job during my break and eventually if god permits, i could work while schooling too. let me know if you've got any lobangs, or ya know any job vacancies and shit. 10q!

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