September 16, 2010

Must be the music,

been following mustbethemusic on youtube for their clips and videos for the past week, it's a talent show in the uk btw, and i must say these people are so damn talented. they blew me away in many ways. good thing that i like all kinds of music and try not to limit myself to one particular genre, this way we could appreciate music more..
few videos below, im not sure if anyone would be watching but they are really inspiring i guess, at least it inspired me, and i would very much love to share it on my blog.
emma's imagination's my fave, i really hope she'll win. beautiful girl, beautiful voice, beautiful song writing, she's so good and so perfect. followed by daithi, he's irish, and sidetrack a little but his gf's so pretty argh! i replayed his audition vid no less than five times after i first clicked it, so you see... i kinda like flowdem though they are booted out already, those kids are full of energy, and they are so young, all of 'em less than 17. oh and the little girl playing the harp's only 11..

emma's imagination




the pictures


toxic funk berry's

my favorite two:

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