September 01, 2010

So you let me in, and our love will shine. I'll always be yours, and you'll always be mine.

am so in love with this one, dance hit by the way, been playing it the whole day and i need to share it. i fell in love with this song after listening it for the first time. what can i say? ace song. wicked tune, and the video's good. so much better w a real vocal to the track. plus maxine ashley's (only seventeen this year) so gorgeous, her hair's fucking boss. she reminds me of rihanna though, except better. agree? oh and check out the cute looking couples too ^^ carwash guy's insanely cute.

"To players, we’re hot. To perverts, we’re sexy. To adults, we’re cute. To relatives, we’re adorable. To dumbasses, we’re fine. To each other, we’re pretty. To gentlemen, we’re goregeous. To the right guys, we’re beautiful. But to ourselves, we’re ugly as fuck."
(via tumblr)
and spot on. this is exactly how i feel.

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