September 08, 2010

You and me, equality.

six tracks on my current playlist,

one night only - you and me

george fucking craig, you are so hot. i'm in love.

i blame coco - caesar

robyn - criminal intent

paper aeroplanes - lifelight

the afters - summer again

secondhand serenade - you and i

itb's so dry, and i seriously wonder how am i gonna cram the notes up into my brain. oh well, on the brighter note, im having my last paper tomorrow. time to make a list for this coming five/six weeks break. i'm looking forward to sean's pop lo! my boy's finally graduating from bmt in about three weeks? finally man! took him four months. we'll be spending a week together if nothing gets in the way. i want to work though, admin job for higher pay? no idea. sent my resume out to a few recruiting agencies and apparently i havent got any call backs yet. sigh i dont want to fucking rot at home doing nothing though. i need to clear my wardrobe and repaint my wall as well. and i need to save up, i hope money falls from the sky, appears miraculously right beside me, or under my pillow when i wake up everyday haha, dream on. $.$ so stressed, sigh.
seriously fuck you itb, best treatment for insomnia. i just went on to and typed sean, i'm as bored as leonard lol. hmmm look what i found! (there are a few definitions, copied only those i like and those that i thought are making sense):

1) A sean is strong, courageous, funny, sometimes blue, lovable, strange, smart and crazy.
A sean is exciting, riveting, alive, and real, breathe taking, adorable, and sexy through and through, magnetic, devoted, passionate, confidant, and attractive.
A sean can be cocky, arrogant, an ass, mean, vindictive, and evil.
A sean is wonderfully strange, exhilarating, fascinating, and true, inspiring, inspirational, a creative muse, heavenly sublime, charming, and handsome.
A sean seems to draw people in and keep them there as if they are stuck forever, bound by his emotional glue.
A sean is a gift from god with amazingly breathtakingly deep eyes, a man above all men, best friend you'll ever find, a family man, is loyal to the end, devoted loving husband.
You are the luckiest woman alive to have a sean in your life.

'i wish i had a sean as my man.'
'he is so sean.'

2) one sexy bugger
as cute as anything, never lets you down, polite, sweet and a genuinely all round awesome guy.
loved by everyone.

'woah! thats guys awesome, he must be a sean'

3) Sean is the name of the most loving man in the world. He is unlike any other, a man who is kind, caring, and understanding. At the same time, he is determined, firm, and strong. His heart glows with love for his girl, but most of all for the Lord he serves and glorifies. His heart attracts many, along with his sparkling eyes which add just the right touch to his incredibly handsome face.

'Any girl would kill for a sean.'

hahaha hilarious, it's so funny but they're all so true, especially the last one. so that makes me a lucky girl? since i have a sean in my life hahahaha, no wait, sean's already my life :) i'm feel so seaned hahaa! sean seaned his girl with his sean-someness lol. okay i better stop seaning already. LOLOL seaning?! sean and zhengning omg lolol. okay i really have to stop. i'm like entertaining myself again, cheap thrilllll.
best definition from me, sean means love. haha i sean you so much baby heehee :) kbye

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