October 02, 2010

Daisy Dukes,

would be witnessing sean's passing out parade thingo in a few hours, and i cant wait. i feel happy for my boy though it's just bmt that he has completed. but yeah, am still proud of him! it isn't that simple at all. my boy's marching now, from the jetty all the way to the floating platform at marina, say about twenty four km? i think i would've died halfway if im the one marching. we're going to spend one amazing week together, i (we) have so many plans in mind. hmmm... yes excitementgasm! this is totally irrelevant, but i'd like to be katy perry this halloween. i'd love to have my own cupcake bra, no i'm serious. we should all start katy perrying or get katy perried idk hahaha.
who's up for a dressing up party? ^^

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