November 24, 2010

Of factuality,

just some pictures to share, i've got so many pictures to post! but i'll throw them all in my next post i guess. so, alwyn's twenty first birthday lunch at marche! i love how the photos turned out from my camera :) i'm using a samsung compact camera if you wonder, so yeah i'm glad already. we gave our usual crepe a miss, ordered the pasta instead. it's my first time trying this pasta at marche, and it's so good. i have some pictures from school as well. school's fine i guess, but no, not e-learning. i'd rather go to school than having e-learning. seriously, the work load's at least ten times more than usual. sigh.......

saw this on another blog, and i felt like posting hundred facts about myself too. haven done this in a long time, so let's see:

1. my favorite color is red.
2. i wish my hair was naturally red
3. i dyed it red twice, but it didnt turn out that red, and it faded already.
4. i had pepper lunch with sean last night.
5. and i'm gonna see him everyday for the rest of the week, yay!
6. i love to cook, but i hate doing the dishes.
7. i'm a year one business student in ngee ann poly now.
8. and yes i was from sajc.
9. even though i failed my a levels, i didnt regret going to sa. probably the best two years of my life.
10. i don't like chocolate cakes.
11. in fact, i don't really fancy chocolates.
12. sean finds me weird for that.
13. 13 will always be my favorite number.
14. i think humans are inherently good.
15. i hate disappointments, though im mostly hopeful.
16. i'm a really lazy person, i have to admit it.
17. i lived with my aunt, for sixteen years.
18. i missed her so much.
19. and her dishes haha
20. i hate cockroaches.
21. i love that feeling when i shit hahaha no but i'm serious.
22. i still like pokemon.
23. i had one barbie doll, only one, all my life.
24. i gave her a hair cut, and it never grew lol.
25. i have 8319 songs in my itunes currently.
26. excluding french, japanese, cantonese and chinese songs.
27. sierra kusterbeck, lights and ellie goulding are my favorite singers.
27. i've never once lose my wallet or mobile phone.
28. i'm unable to make decisions myself.....
29. i cannot swim.
30. i love handmade birthday cards.
31. i kinda enjoy listening to a stranger's story.
32. i was a prefect, conflict manager, and class monitoress in primary school.
33. i won the friend of singa merit award eight years back.
34. i cant believe it either.
35. i was so involved in school that even my principal knew my existence.
36. that was only in primary school.
37. i once fell for a guy whom i met on chatroulette.
38. we chatted for like five hours everyday, lasted for a week.
39. and i still think he's cute though.
40. but sean's the cutest!! haha
41. i'm serious, he's the cutest guy i have ever met.
42. it's kinda funny how we started.
43. i thought he liked me.
44. but turns out, i was the one who fell for him first.
45. i love you sean.
46. i hope we last a lifetime.
47. i feel that british accent's so sexy.
48. i'm turning 19 soon.
49. i can't stand people who lie.
50. i shave my legs regularly.
51. i have had eating disorders, but that was in the past.
52. i used to sing in a band.
53. and i missed that part of my life.
54. i can't tell jokes.
55. i start laughing before even telling it.
56. i want to be fluent in french.
57. i fantasize a lot, about everything.
58. oh well nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it.
59. i used to be really good in math.
60. i observe and remember small details.
61. i cry a little too much sometimes.
62. i want to get married when i'm 24.
63. or at least get engaged.
64. i dream a lot.
65. i find a man's arms and hands very attractive, especially when his veins are popping out.
66. i have french kissed a stranger before.
67. i once witnessed a guy masturbating on the bus.
68. i talk too much sometimes.
69. my first serious relationship lasted for about ten months.
70. i have perfect eyesight.
71. i drink green tea almost everyday.
72. i'm a tea lover, herbal tea works the same.
73. the last time i had coke was five years back, that's 2005.
74. not even coke mixer, or lollipop.
75. i think it's funny when people fall down.
76. but not when they hurt themselves.
77. if not, it's really funny.
78. my humor level's pretty low.
79. i love smiles.
80. i want to travel and go on adventures.
81. i have no idea what would my future career will be.
82. i dont really have a life plan, i just want to be with my other half.
83. that's a little girl's wishful thinking.
84. my lips are always chapped.
85. i'm a sucker for romance.
86. i once created a mini explosion in my room.
87. i had a hard time cleaning up the mess.
88. i had short hair.
89. and i looked terrible with bangs.
90. food makes me happy.
91. i love chilli cheese fries.
92. i believe i'm learning new things about myself every day.
93. my doodlejump high score's 33k.
94. i have kept this blog for six years already.
95. i removed my older posts though.
96. i cant wait to graduate from poly.
97. i still wish i can enter a university though.
98. wow i'd be fucking old, but i dont really care already.
99. i want to be a good cook.
100. at least in my own kitchen huh.
alright im done!


yk said...

you should try to dye hayley's red hair!
think it'll look nice on you

zhengning said...

hahah always wanted to! but it aint easy to keep red hair!

jiaying said...

wowwww i dont think i can type out 100 things about myself!

why you french kiss stranger @@

zhengning said...

i spent quite a while doing this post! hahaa!
anyways hmm i was clubbing and we're all having fun, or rather i dared myself to? hhahaa