December 02, 2010


i have so many things to complete from school......... gigadrain my energy away seriously. if you've been following me on twitter, you'd known that i started playing pokemon pearl and am pretty obsessed with it right now. the other day this dude was blocking our way, i was thinking of either using geodude's rock smash or roselia's cut so i can crossover, then i realise i aint in the game. lol imagine bringing pokemon to real life... i'd have battle using my staraptor! haha but no, i'd rather catch all the baby pokemons. i want a clefa badly! that day i caught a wooper, even though he's fucking useless. i talked as if im a real pokemon trainer. oh well, i really do have a pichu at home! hmm just that it's stuffed and made of plush furlike fabric....

it's pouring outside now and i hate it. my mood's pretty much affected by the weather, i get all gloomy when it rains. also, sean's supposed to drop by say, an hour ago? but the rain's so heavy! well on the brightside, we're gonna have dinner today, yes on a weekday! and i might be staying over, so today, zhengning 1 army 0 :)

last weekend,
4fingers bonchon chicken at ion, the chicken's so crispy!! love it (soy/garlic chicken wings). there was an ongoing promotion. 4piece chicken set w additional 4 piece free, so that makes 8 drumlets/wings w fries for $6.95. very reasonable huh. well but that place's always packed....
and finally, colorful xlb's at paradise dynasty! i wanted to try this so bad haha, i mean look at the colors, dont you wanna eat them????? we waited forty minutes before we could get a table, but it was all good. love the cheese and garlic xlb! the garlic one's super shiok (ok preferences might differ)

oh and i sent my camera in for repair today.. black lines/pixelated shit appearing on my lcd. urgh. hope to get it fixed by next week!

despite all the rain(yeah i mean we're going to expect a lot of that), the fact that common tests's starts a few days after my birthday (omg no...), and that we have got to do shitloads of stuff during the last two fucking weeks of december before school starts again, i shall look at the brightside:
my birthday in a few days.
more seantime!
our sixth monthsary! (wow amazing how time flies...)
fact that first part of sem two's over.
sales (yayyyyy)
and more food. (im gonna cook!)
meet ups w my friends.
family gatherings. (possibly)
presents (both giving and receiving)
christmas trees everywhere.
neon lights.

sometimes life is really nice.


Wenhui said...

I've been wanting to try those xlbs too!! :>

zhengning said...

it's definitely worth a try!! ;)