January 18, 2011

Forever Chasing,

me: *giggle after some dude passed us* did you see that angmoh? ohmygod he's fucking hot.. must be french.
sean: you go lor you go lor! (pouts and lookaway)
a while later,

sean: her legs damn hot, she quite cute ah. *turns back to look at the girl* her hair's very jap..
me: you go lor you go lor! (pouts like how he does it...)
sean: but my girlfriend's cuter ma (tightening his grip on my hand)
me: i know!! obviously?
me: but angmoh hotter leh how!!
sean: (pouts again)

hahahahahahahaa our typical conversation. i love it when he pouts! then i'll pinch his lips, and sometimes plant a kiss or two. but i seriously do get pretty much distracted when a cute hot caucasian's in sight. just like the other day, we were watching burlesque..... cam gigandet's (jack) such a heartthrob, i think sean rolled his eyes a couple of times in between the movie (i grabbed his hand whenever he does something nice to ali/christina aguilera and just whatever he do. i think i'd love his cookies..., but iloveyou most, sean hahaha) by the way, christina aguilera's one gorgeous lady, i cant emphasize how much she amazed me throughout the entire movie.

no pictures of myself this week, all thanks to the you missy pimple under my lips, this big fat ugly pimple. sean even joked about it ARGH. i popped it last night, uh yes itchy fingers, and somehow it bled.. alright forget it, i just hope it'll be gone by this weekend. i'm wearing concealer to school tomorrow.

rings i've gotten from a flea market (#hookedonflea) a week ago,

it's a goddamn steal, these seven rings cost me no more than 25$.
there are three flea markets this coming weekend by the way, so yeah. you should know where to get these rings...!
oh and look how he pouts.... haha dont kill me for posting this. blame yourself for being cuter than me lol
celebrated sean's mom and teck's birthday that night too. we had a meal at this seafood restaurant in the east, really yummy seafood, and probably the largest crab i've eaten. i had a hard time getting the crab meat out from that nasty creature, so.... sean helped me w it haha i feel so spoilt. saw us at iluma for some zombie killing fix before cabbing down to butter for teck's birthday celebration. he was so drunk!! really funny, i really wonder what i would do if i'm drunk. the thing about me's that, whenever i go drinking, i'll make sure i stay sober. i just like to get high and to feel high. puked a few times and it was horrible, so i'd always remind myself not to overdrink, so well till now i still dont know really how it feels like being drunk..

last weekend, we did some shopping! i didnt get much for myself, i find online apparels more appealing for some reasons. i guessed the models made a huge impact, no? plus there's so many exclusive designs i cant find anywhere else but online. gonna head down to candles this weekend and hopefully i'll get a dress or two. i got myself shoes online as well. the only thing i got from the retails was some makeup and an animal printed tank from topshop. with that, i have to say i'm thankful that i'm a girl. male apparels and shoes are seriously much more expensive, plus i dont think they have much of a choice? i would have been so broke if i were a dude.
late night dinner, or rather supper, w my boy after french class. i havent had pratas for almost a year! yeah im surprised by that too..
4FINGERS!! i dont mind having these wings every single day..

school is in full swing right now, and i'm so not excited about it. i can't wait for exams honestly, the only way to cease all these sufferings for a little.... i could use the study week for a little break (of course, study a little in between....) and my year three friends would have graduated by then! i need a job, right after exams. i have some crazy plans up my sleeve for the later part of the year, and i need money. that's all i can reveal! i hope my plans dont fail me though..


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