January 31, 2011

Life as it is,

how can anyone resist the temptation of not skipping school to sleep in in sucha weather!?
my bed loves me too much, and you know what? it's totally mutual.
but i shall head to school tmr, as early as 9am, for bmgt lecture. no excuses. that would be the second lecture i attend this semester, at least i did go for the first and last lecture, right?

lately, many thoughts have been going through my mind. i really cant help it because sometimes i think too much, and i worry too much. about everything. especially the people i love. i'm a fucking dreamer. i think about situations in my head which are completely irrelevant. trust issues. inferiority complex. im currently in this confusing process of getting my thoughts organized, they are all over the place and i really need some time. at times, i really want to get to know god. trust him. and let him works his miracles over my life...

i really need a little getaway or at least something close to that, badly.

happy chinese new year in three days!
i have a presentation, and an assignment to submit by new year's eve. oh wow


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