February 25, 2011


cry and feel better. the miracles of tears. :'(
moments when i feel stress, completely helpess, face certain problems, feel unloved and lonely...... when i'm angry, scared, or even guilty, when i miss someone, this and that, when i watch a movie, the list goes on, whatever, i cry. actually, scratch all that. just remember, i cry everytime i'm not happy. whatever emotions included. all i do is cry, well other then talking to sean or someone else about it, i (still) cry. it clears my mind, and it's just so effective, it's like the only possible solution to keep me functional again. sometimes, i dont even know why i cry, something might just happened and trigger my tears. fact: i cry easily, since young. i wouldnt say it's an upper hand to cry easily (lol?), i'm just soft hearted. my mom used to think that i'm weak, just because i could cry in less than ten seconds? not fake cry of course duh. i have no idea what's the purpose behind this post, but i just felt like sharing how incredible crying is. it never fails..... i just cried, few minutes ago, over the phone.
in fact, i like crying. i love it. it's becoming a habit now, not healthy i know, but i actually feel good after shedding tears everytime. people actually feel worse suppressing their tears.... i don't do that at all. i like to feel refresh, and i like the idea of getting in touch w my inner self.. tears are really amazing huh

sometimes, we should just cry it out. just fucking cry our hearts out. lungs out. whatever. i got rid of all that burden in my mind.. it's actually good/alright to cry.
weird way to end my post, but er i encourage everyone to cry. hahahahahahaha
*hugs myself*



Eileen said...

I totally agree!! Seems weak but it really helps to release stress, emotions and after that you'll feel so much more better right! :D Crying is (Y)

zhengning said...

exactly! i feel so much better everytime i cry hahhaa. i hate to appear weak but i realise crying doesnt make you weak, it's a sign of being alive since birth (i forgot where i got this quote but it's so true and i'll rmb it!!!)
meet up soon eh? :) we keep saying meet meet meet but never hahahaa