February 18, 2011

Happy birthday, goodfren/tallfren (because sean calls you that)!!

gosh you turn 20 now, the first to turn 20 among us! wanted to write you a little something, not because you wrote one for me on my birthday k, i just felt like it! thanks for being one of my closest pal, whom i can tell almost everything too; whenever i have any issues, or any other problems, this and that, you're in fact the first person i think of other than sean. you're also the one other than kshit (because she is damn unglam), and wshit(HAHA) whom i can do silly things w, probably because our humor level are as low as fuck, or maybe it's a panjang thing LOL. rmb your previous birthdays? we surprised you at your doorstep on your 18th(rainbow theme!), and last year, we changed all our dps to your unglam pica and the response was bad at all HAHA. i hope you have a great birthday this year! and all the years that follows, you know you can always count on me(and the rest of us!) when you need someone to talk to, you have my words. thanks for being such a wonderful palz, i love 966 (hahaha) and everything that happened that brought us close together!! suddenly reminded me of our goodfren notebook and benzene ring song, nostalgic much! cant find a second goodfren anymore :$ (wah sai, since when i so cheesy)

good luck for your prelim papers, and i hope you find your sean too! (sean becomes a term now lol) you'll find your perfect someone dont worry, im absolutely certain that someone, somewhere out there, would want to be with you, it takes time but it'll be worth it :)
will be waiting for the day we have our couple datez at riders cafe :D:D

more than two years ago, we looked fucking young haha look at my emozxzxz fringe

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