February 08, 2011

Random musings,

Who I Want to Meet:

i want to meet you if you want to meet me, i dont want to meet you if you dont want to meet me. who knows i may want to meet you even if you dont want to meet me. or i dont want to meet you at all.

-taken from yours truly's friendster profile page.

i cant believe i actually have that on my profile.... what a description seriously lol., it's so me. went back on to friendster just to show my boy some really old pictures of myself, and vice versa. actually i went to his page a couple of times alr, sometime ago but i dont rmb when, i only rmbed grabbing his old pica.... my stalker's instinct lolz. well anyways, we looked so young! i looked so different back in secondary school, and sean looked... so cute. dont worry, you're still as cute now.. he was laughing at myself for that stupidly crafted statement (yeah your gf's damn lame huh) but i think he isnt any better.
on his profile: hahahaha!!! i'm a human being!

no wonder we're a couple ^^v


me: i got cravings for tori-q leh suddenly, how ah
sean: forever got cravings one hor
me: yar craving for sean loke lor. ate a piece of sean loke the other day, wah cannot stop eating lor, want more and more only yumyumyum
sean: but i have cravings for ba zhang ning. damn nice to eat sia.

i have no idea why am i a ba zhang!?

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