February 15, 2011


hahaha i know it's getting pretty plain and boring but im sorry, i just cant stop professing my love for sean. this valentine's weekend was awesome as usual (my weekends are mostly awesome since i only live for the weekends and i get to spend it w sean.....) we exchanged our gifts (!!!), had an amazing dinner at min jiang @ goodwood park hotel, and caught black swan later that night. i'd probably blog about it later on. today, sean surprised me at my doorstep w a few stalks of flowers! he couldnt get me a bouquet since he didnt order in advance and he had to wait for a few hours if he were to get it there and then. i liked it anyways! i think flowers are really sweet.. mr sneaky boy lied to me about being unable to book out. i suspected he might be booking out initially all thanks to samuel, who told me he got to book out right after lunch! but i just had to trust my boy so much.... he definitely would not lie to me!! haha. i got pretty disappointed at first, since as far as i know, most of my friends' bf were able to book out, and WHY NOT FOR SEAN?! received a text, "i'm going to take my test now :(" which assured me that he's not gonna book out at all. then, moments later i heard the door bell and when i see that smiling face....... i cant even hold back my tears hahaa :')
i love him so much.


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