March 12, 2011


my heart is overwhelmed today. especially after watching and reading coverages of the japan earthquake and tsunami off the coast, stuff like "A ship carrying about 100 people was swept away by the huge tsunami that hit Japan on Friday and its fate was unknown", "Countless workers, who had earlier fled violently swaying office blocks, found themselves stuck far from their families — and unable to speak to them because the overloaded mobile phone system could not carry most calls." and "People rushed to the city’s ubiquitous 24-hour convenience stores, quickly emptying shelves of bento boxes, sandwiches and instant noodle cups...." so unreal. it's devastating and i'm truly shaken. picture this, you're driving along the middle of the road and the massive waves just comes right at you.... pretty horrifying huh and i cant believe that we're witnessing all of this, right before our eyes. so maybe what they say about the world ending could be true.... this isnt my usual blog post but i couldnt help but to write about this quake, it's in my mind all day and my mood's just really very affected by it. and we all know it's going to take some time for japan to recover from this tragedy.

this got me into thinking about the fragility of life and the need to be grateful and bring good. hi i'm a douche and all i do is complain about life, complain about being imperfect all the fucking time, this and that, and all the most trival things in life! omfg??? time to repent. sometimes, i wish i was a superhero, uh powerpuffgirls (not meant to be funny k), and i could team up w my girls and have our own super powers to you know, save the day?? yeah i'm still a kid at heart (hmmm), things like that in mind all day, but if i could do that now, it would be most amazing isnt it? then, i could stop all this shit from happening. and i wish i could teleport to sean right now..... may we all stay strong, and most importantly, be prepared.

my thoughts & prayers goes out to all life forms affected by this disaster. i'm pretty sure that god will find a way.

#prayforjapan #prayfortheworld

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