March 04, 2011

March, we know you're kind hearted.

though fieldcamp drains and fucks the shit out of him, he never fails to call and send a text over before crashing, and still leaves me a text to wake up to every single day. it's pretty risky for him to call me at night, i mean w all those superiors/masters around, who cant wait to charge their trainees and get them confined (and obviously i wouldnt want sean to play with fire, i mean i already dont get to see him often and what if he gets confined!), it's really a tad too dangerous. so to actually make it less chancy, he got himself a fiftybucks phone, a headset and he made this cover using ziplock bag, red and black colored tapes, yes just for the fieldcamp.. (click for image) and he hid it somewhere i think. looks like... ninja? hahaha but, awww the effort he puts in, and the extent that he'll actually go... :') two more days to go baby!

anw, im fucking done w exams! with that, i'm also done with year one of poly education. i cant even believe that happened, still remembered what exactly happened a year ago, the day i got back my A lvl results. i was wearing this red polka dot vintage top, and black shorts.... hahahaha. and a year ago, poly wasnt even one of my options, but hey look at me now, man i'm so done with year one. twenty four more months to go, i'm ready. i know i'm lagging the norm by three years (occasionally i still brood over this fact....) but all thanks to my boy, he constantly reminds me that i should just live my life. yes, indeed and i cant be more contented of what i am and what i have right now, let's just see how it goes.

i've been wearing my boy's black hoodie every single day since last weekend. "i want to smell you,"that's what i said hahaha. i have some of his clothes in my wardrobe, and i usually wear his other stripey hoodie to sleep, or rather, i have to smell it (lol) and put it on everyday after i get back home, but cleaned up of course. he calls me a big baby for that, because babies gets comforted and soothed by familiar scents. whatever but i really liked his hoodie, it gives me this warm fuzzy feeling, after a day long of hectic nonsense. that hoodie actually accompanied me through every night of last minute mugging! i think i just.. miss him.

i dont remember mentioning, but i did relatively well for my common tests few months back, this means a lot to me after failing for whole two years, and i didnt do well at all for my first semester either - you wont know how demoralising that is and how my confidence level is beyond low. it's been soooo long since i last got 'A's for my papers. i told sean i could do it "because you(sean) made me so happy, that's why i did well". had his hoodie w me throughout the papers, all i could think of was him telling me not to give up on myself again, so no matter how tough it is, i'll still give my best shot hahahahahahahahaha yar i told him that, i think im just a cheesy piece of shit. hahaha and this time, for my finals, i took another hoodie from him (yes that's how i got his black hoodie w me too), plus a pen to go with as well LOL and i used it for all my written papers. tsk.... maybe it's just uhm psychological issues, but whatever the case, he helped me so much indefinitely, and i thank god for him.

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