March 18, 2011

Paint it black,

here's my outfit for today and the next two days,

"breadtalk's chicken floss bun; beard papa's chocolate cream puff; polo's cream roll (swiss roll), bengawan solo's kueh that is half green and half white (kueh salat) and the other green green kueh w coconut inside (kueh bugis)"

i made sean name me five different kinds of food as soon as he wakes up the next morning, and apparently he craves for all kinds of snacks hmmm, i would just actually crave for tori-q (hehe) and probably lots of salmon sashimi, and maybe toufu. i love toufu, and egg.... look at my boy, tsk but he really has a sweet tooth, not gonna lie. i'm heading out in a jiffy to get whatever's above for him, that's for his POP later!! the other time i got him a baby stitch, he liked it, but still, i think i should be more practical. hohoho FOOD. everyone loves food!! and yes he better gain some weight already urgh why's my boyfriend so skinny?? but i still love you anyways :)


jiaying said...

super black! and you plan so far ahead!

and thats a real sweet tooth!

maybe sweet tooth can cause skinniess(i wish) :D

zhengning said...

hehe yesss idk why but all the stuff i felt like wearing last weekend's black!! haha had to plan early cos i stayed over at sean's for three days! need to pack hahaa, :)
i wished sweet tooth can cause skinnies too.....!!!