April 08, 2011

Dreams only last for a night,

weekends are here once again, and it's going to be the last weekend before sean's departure to the land of fried chicken cutlet and bubbletea....... boy doesnt wanna to leave, i dont want him either, though seriously, i dont mind drinking bubbletea everyday.. no really, i dont mind.

the past two weeks (mostly referring to sean's off in lieu days) were completely jampacked, but it could not have been more perfect. sean hasnt got to try my cooking after getting together w me for so long, i've baked for him but have not cooked actually, ok i've been a bad girlfriend lol that boy has made me pancakes twice and also one full meal already.. so on one of his off-day, i asked him over and whipped him a full meal, a three course meal..... garlic bread, spaghetti alla carbonara, and strawberry and nutella filled crepes. i cheated for garlic bread though, bought a baguette, spread garlic butter spread that i've gotten from the supermarket(which is fucking salty), and toast it. i'd very much love to make my own garlic butter spread the next time round though.
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the other two are really simple as well, basically, i picked the ones that were easier and safer to prepare, they wont go wrong that's why i picked them. i should try something more interesting the next time round, hehe am glad that my boy enjoyed his lunch!!! he stayed on for dinner at my place that night too, and my mom was more than happy, ok she didnt say that but i'd like to assume that because she actually cooked porkchop specially just for that day.

last monday, on my last day of work, sean came by and picked me up from work! he surprised me w my favorite tori-q, the first thing i did was to exclaim "omg i love you tori-q!!!" hahaha well i was telling him the other day, jokingly, some day in future if i have some private event sorta stuff going on, like you know my company uh-huh ok whatever, but i'll not hesitate to cater tori-q at all, and i'll just sponsor everyone w different sticks of tori-q!!!!!!!!! who doesnt like tori-q? no one. alright totally off point, so i was saying, my boy came by and we had dinner together, did some grocery shopping for the next day before heading back to his crib. tuesday was sweet, i had the best time ever at the beach. i'm so glad we made our way to the beach, and got to enjoy the sunny warm weather. i cant even remember when was the last time i stepped on sand lol, oh well the pictures taken that day turned out pretty well too. i guessed we were really happy :') no stress from our everyday life on our minds at all.. in fact, i'll probably create a separate post in a jiffy, i think it's worth a post hahahahaha (no i'll probably post lots of pictures up, and let the pictures do the talking) on a random note, this is what i wear to work on a typical day - blazer over a workdress or blazer over a top w shift skirt,

last weekend saw me at NEX mall, my virgin visit. that mall's filled w food, food, lots of food and probably more food. i'll return, make a trip back again hahaha am pretty sure. so that day, we checked out freshness burger as well as sharetea - ohhhh our love for bubble tea. it's a must to have at least three times a week for myself, and it's a must for sean to have it every weekend. we have quite similar cravings sometimes... which is good! back to freshness burger, i've heard so much about it that's why i pulled sean along w me to check it out, and....... it's awesome! yumbo burger, and comfortable ambience, it doesnt even look like a fast food joint seriously. spotted cheryl at the counter as well! i didnt know she was working there, and even sean thinks she looked like wenshi, i even showed cheryl wenshi's picture last year when we just got to know each other omg. so we ordered the classic cheese burger and the bacon omelette burger, YUMS the buns were so soft!! i love how every filling say the patty, it's packed and also much less greasy than the usuals; and the tomato slice was unusually thick too, everything i love in a bun. what can i say really, everything jap's nice. we explored the mall before making our way down to amk, and yes we were travelling all day. OH how can i forget, we had tzechar for dinner! wow, i've always wanted to eat tzechar w my boy, or even steamboat. so i was actually pretty stoked, though we didnt get to order much dishes, i mean you know just the two of us....... enjoyed my meal nonetheless :') i have some pictures below, Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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yumyum bbq stingray yumyum

@the queen and mangosteen for xinhong's birthday, Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
awwwwww :')
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went to get xin hong's birthday vouchers before heading down to queen and mangosteen. food was not bad at all - i had wild mushroom risotto w asparagus and oven dried tomatoes, service was really slow though. apparently trixy had a pretty bad experience over there, but it was quite alright for us i thought.. and oh it was the night tian couldnt find his car!!! we walked rounds and rounds round the carpark at harbourfront centre, it really took us quite a while to locate his car hahahaha tsk

and pictures from two random wednesday nights back in march,
1) zouk night. ma and pa (huiying and ruben) were about to celebrate their sixth months together, so pa was overjoyed and couldnt maintain, hahahaha ok more of want to share the love (hehehe ^^v) and decided to treat us all drinks!
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took a pica w emma and warren too! :)

2) impromptu night and sleepover w my girls (missing mins and bestie *sadface*), at ma's cosy cosy crib. alcohol, deep conversations, girly talks, random awkward yet clumsy dance moves, hysterical laughters, yada yada. it's always fun w these girls, we have endless things to talk about, every single god damn thing in the world.... and i dont know why but at this point of time, after typing my previous line, i feel like singing rihanna's only girl. i think i'm weird.. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

a week more before school officially gets in full swing again. i'd need to do something about my hair. new colour and a trim perhaps, let's see.

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