April 30, 2011


happened to be on Kate Middleton’s Wiki page to read up on her bio, and watched the phrase “Prince William’s fiancee” change to “wife” literally before my eyes the second that the Archbishop declared them as married. :)
my twitter timeline's definitely flooded w #royalwedding last night, i think i contributed to quite a bit, i apologise if i filled your timeline w it! i was really excited, watching my first royal nuptial and a modern day fairytale unfold, had to take twitter to cheer. london looks so beautiful, i was literally glued on to the tv for 6hours -kate and william's lifetime 'movie' (hehehe), guests and members of the royal family's arrival, london and more london, pretty hats - only in england will you find people wearing super big hats not looking like fools lol, pretty girls and elegant girls, the always-look-perfect-together's posh and becks, how the brits there and from all over the world are celebrating the special day, westminster abbey, and when kate walked down the aisle, choir boys, when kate and william travel back to buckingham palace on carriages, and of course, the kiss at the balcony. thank god for live broadcast all over the world. more than 2 billions of people watching and celebrating at the same time. totally romantic and flawless everyone looked unbelievably stunning. kate is so pretty....... and totally down to earth. love how she chose to put on her own make up! well actually her entire family looks good, her mom's super pretty too, and her sister, pippa - the bridesmaid who's another hot stuff, her brother james. my mom even had to bring my dinner to me because i refused to move LOL. damn why isnt sajc affiliated to university of st andrews hahahah, alright, i know i have to stop swooning over the wedding between prince william and kate middleton already

i spammed my boyfriend w countless texts lol, close to 60? ikr, what the fuck hahahaha, but i'm v sure he's used to it already, since i do that all the time when i get excited. (yeah even "OMG!!!!!!"'s a text if you wonder how did i even reach 60) ok so now you know that's what i do when i get excited.. "omg PRETTY HATS i want to wear!!!!","omg becks and posh are gorgeous, all those random ppl look so good too fuck why am i not a brit","i want a union jack flag la wahlau i love the brits they are so happy!!! i am so happy! aww they love their kings and queens so much", "wah i want a prince too alr, i should be in england now hahahahha love you, can i have a royal wedding too prince lokey?","kate is so pretty omg so stunning im speechless baby" hahaha later at night (can imagine his face after reading all the texts), he dubbed me his princess, i'll take it HAHAHA. omg bimbotic moments, but i wished we couldve watched the wedding together, then i wont have to give him "live updates" lol. have been updating him w the ongoing sgelections news,well i'm surprised and even discussed it w a handful of friends. good to know, good to know. also, i sent my macbook for repair today and i will only have it back next wednesday. i cant wait for next wednesday, will be at the airport early in the morning, waiting for my life to come back to me heh heh.

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