April 14, 2011

Three days later,

at the airport, i hugged sean tightly, i just didnt want to let go... that's the closest picture i can find, and it was wow taken from photobooth. no i didnt cry at the airport and just when you were thinking omg zn didnt cry for once...?! you were wrong. i cried even before reaching the airport. i'm sucha crying baby, but i couldnt hold back my tears. i'm just really worried for him, and i know i'll feel lost when im alone. so i actually started crying when sean was packing his travel bag, poor boy had to stop every now and then to check if i'm alright, giving me countless hugs, assuring that he'll take care of himself and that i need not worry for him. on our way to the airport when sean's mom started praying for sean, granting him safety and protection throughout the whole trip, i started tearing again. i was pretty discreet until sean blurted out "why are you crying, silly girl", sean's parents sitting at the front seat, both turned back and took a look at me omg that was definitely one embarrassing moment. but hey that was probably the most heartwarming and genuine prayer i've ever heard from someone close to heart, aunty betty even prayed for me that i'll be fine when sean's not around and that both of us would be alright even though we are miles apart. she even asked sean to call me more instead of calling back home, i dont even know to feel bad or touched, but she's really understanding. he held me close, i love it when he places my ear next to his chest. then, the boy pulled me back and said, "we'll be here at the airport again next year, not for army again of course, we're gonna go travel together ok? dont worry, twenty three days is not too long, we've alr been tgt for so many months, twenty three days is nothing. we still have a lifetime to go. we'll have all the time together when i get back." alright, not word for word but close to the above, stupid boy idk where he get those lines from, but tell me how not to tear like that? thank you my precious boy, i luvvvvv you :')

so i caught the first two videos sean recorded for me, he actually took the time off to record videos for me to watch, he signed off today's video w "see you on seantv again tmr" haha that boy just know how to make me smile from ear to ear effortlessly. i also wrote letters for him to read everyday, and by the time he finish reading his last letter, he should be coming back to me hehe. twenty three days aint that long actually, am really glad i've got all the time tgt w sean during his off in lieu days - no work, no school, no nothing - i feel so blessed, another thing to thank god for.

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