May 08, 2011

Five years time,

rushed to sean's from town, stayed up late for the elections results, just like any other singaporean. i do not understand at all why some people do not give a fuck about ge2011. not cool, the least we could do is to show some concern for our country, the country we live in, afterall we are all working towards improving our lives. been catching up w the news everyday, twitter(overwhelming), watching rallies, videos... well, it's the talk of the town anw. tough competition, the government being threatened by the fact how strong the opposition parties are, names popping after names, popular candidates like nicole seah herself. exchanged opinions and engaged in little discussions over meals, which is rather interesting. i mean not to the extreme of debating, but at least to understand how different our minds work and how rational or irrational some people are, to think all they do was bashing and bashing, supporting your party doesnt mean you have to insult are people's choices. it makes you a joke. so anw results are finalized, and votes conveyed the messages somehow. change is gradual, but it's still kinda surreal, definitely a pity that mr george yeo, had to leave his seat. i'm greatly touched by what he said in his videos, his speech rallies, as well as videos made for him by some residents living under his grc previously. well because he's such an inspiration, he's genuine and sincere towards his people, as well as the nation of course.. i'm sure god has greater plans for mr george yeo, thanks for believing in the youths. time to put party politics aside, keep your words and start working together w the country and people's live in mind. thanks to the returning officer, i've learnt something new today - pursuant to section 49, subsection 7e, paragraph A of the parliamentary election act. (he's fb page owns everyone involved in the election, no but srsly 24k likes in four hours is wowsome, plus he's too cute) that dude actually made my night. -#sgelections

[edit] wah cannot tank, this one's too much alr hahahahahahha it actually sounds good [/edit]

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