May 23, 2011

In conversation,

as we were cuddling on bed yesterday,
sean: "baby, put your head on my chest.."
"why? want me to listen to your heartbeat right" *and i gave him a cheesy look hahahaha*
sean: "just put your head on my chest baby"
me: okay *and slowly, i placed my head on his chest*
me: ya i can hear your heartbeat.... goes like that *starts tapping his fingers w mine*
sean: yeah and somewhere in the middle my heart skipped a beat right. for you lor

hahahahahahahaha we ended up laughing, we are stupidly silly in front of each other and i love it. boy never fails to give me dollar sign on my lips

and today (through text),
me: "gss is starting soon!!! what does it mean hehehe"
sean: "yeah it started last week baby!"
me: "starts on 27may, end at 27june or somewhere in july. dont anyhow baby"
sean: "the last time we went out everywhere sales alr leh"
me: "people having sales doesnt mean it's gss alr what"
sean: "it's considered start of gss ma, they warm up ma that's why there's small sales"
me: "baby let me ask you, when you wanna run, then you do stretching as warm up and all. hmm but you still haven start running right?????"
sean: "when you go for pe lessons, you do stretching and all before the run. and that can only happen because pe lessons alr started right??????"

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