May 24, 2011

Make you smile,

stay-at-home saturday w my boy before meeting my girls at @forgottenflame's.
esp love the last pica, we looked like we're going on a roller coaster's ride heh heh

right, all of a sudden, may was half way over. may was good, and is still going good. i got to spend the last ten days straight with my favorite person in the entire world, bliss. i think i stayed over for five days or so. caught a chinese ghost story, water for elephants and pirates of the carribean together, got the potc lego set and fixed it together, played w our kids (yes we have like seven kids to date, and one grandson heh heh), pigged out a whole lot, spent time w his family, my family and of course, had lots quality time together. we stayed in pretty much this time round, i had quite a lot of work to do sigh i cant wait for my short break in june, but that would be after common tests (for which i think i'm pretty much screwed)

i love staying over at sean's, actually anywhere will do. i just want to be around him. i love cuddling, spooning, kissing this and that of him and especially falling asleep together. i love the idea of waking up to him, morning kisses and hugs instead of the virtual ones on bbm, my hand on his chest or his face, and his hands brushing my hair, slow (unprofessional) dancing and making silly faces at each other. i also love how he took care of me when i was unwell. mr sweety loke piggybacked me everywhere as i command, brought food to me and made me honeywater as i do my work. i dont remember mentioning this but he help me blow dry my hair every single week without fail, i know i'm lazy hahaha and he tugs me to bed/stays awake to accompany me just because i refuse to sleep, even though he's mad tired.. poor boy had his eyelids hugging each other, yet still insist that he's not tired and not sleeping.... and even as i cried hysterically for god-knows-what reason because i just felt like crying, he held my head close to his chest as i bawled, then wiped my tears off my face and hugged me so tight, and talked to me. i remembered telling him that i want him to hug me every single time i cry, and he apologized to me well because you know we still have army coming bewteen us. anyhows, i love talking to sean. he knows exactly every single shit that's going through my mind, and he have his ways to chase my darkest clouds away. always end up w both of us smiling like lunatics. no need to crack jokes or tell me lame stuff, he just know how to talk to me. he knows how to love me. no one loves me the way he does, and i always wonder what have i done to deserve him. boy's too sweet to his girl. this is also the reason why i'm always insecure... yes irony because i'm so afraid i'll lose him one day.


graceyeoh said...

you guys are officially my favourite couple. (besides me and my boyfriend HAHA) seriously reading your blog can make me smile like mad, as if it's me who experienced all that sia.

zhengning said...

awwww<3 you're so sweet, hahaha. and i'm a lucky girl :)
thanks grace!!