June 27, 2011

An amazing year,

i cant begin to explain the way my life has changed with sean in my life. my life just seems to get exponentially better ever since i met him, ever since he became part of my life. it has been an amazing ride, i've never shared such a bond with anyone else before. someone who can read me like an open book, someone who knows exactly what i need, and how to love me. sometimes i wonder how is it even possible that he knows me better than myself.

today's our first year anniversary. i made a book that contains lots of memories between the both of us, a book that captures some of our happy times together over the past year. i want to let him know that every minute, in fact every single second with him is so damn worth it. thankyou for a love like this sean, a love that has made me cherish, smile, and laugh so fucking much. the past one year has been nothing short of amazing, and there is nothing more i could ask for.

happy first year anniversary love
i have loved this year, and here's to many many more adventures together.

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