July 14, 2011

These words you don't swallow,

this is an album cover i made for our hrock assignment, it's nothing fantastic since i did it just the night before submission. disclaimer: i dont fancy metal much though i used to have them in my ipod. ted wanted to do a metal based album, so she chose the songs while i designed the album art. as much as i feel that IS is pure shit and also a waste of my time, i'm actually thankful that i dont have to submit reports to be graded for every single module. i hate to write reports and i suck so bad at it.......

school hasnt been amazing, projects are piling up and exams are drawing near again. still doing no tutorial, and definitely not ready for any revision yet, i dont even know what's going on in school. hoping that things will work out fine huh, *crossed fingers*. bcomm can totally be the death of me. we had our first impromptu speaking assignment yesterday, it didnt went exactly well because i totally just kind of blanked out a bit. i hate to speak, i'm pretty much soft spoken actually, ok not really, i just hate to present to a whole group of people because i don't have any substance in me LOL (i feel), i sure can talk shit but that's about it. i'm an airhead. as if my tutor will ask me things like, how would you like to cook your egg?, where can i find french food in singapore? or even, tell me about your favorite x-men character? haha i have so much to talk about then, but whatever. meow.
wished i'm as good as my smarty pants boyfee, he can speak so well sometimes and i think that's really charming.... i mean even when he talk cock, it makes sense!? i seriously think he can sell an apple off as a banana (yar i know wtf) - but this is how good he is.

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