September 01, 2011

We go together like copy and paste,

last weekend, we met up w gaggy to help her out w her photo assignment. i thought the photos turned out really pretty (i love all of them) despite my much horrible receding hairline..... i really have to do something about it before turning bald even before i hit 20. thanks gaggy for the pictures, i hope we'd helped!

so the other day when we were waiting for a bus to town, i told sean something really cheesy, this line that i got from somewhere i dont even rmb. haha well we had fun coming up w more nonsense before boarding the bus and i thought i should just share it here,

me: without you, i'm a pencil without lead, pointless. (LOL srsly cheesex3)
sean: without you, i'm eating tori-q chicken without tori-q sauce, tasteless. (love this one)
me: without you, i'm painting a picture using just black and white, colorless.
sean: without you, i'm having an arrow and not having a target, aimless.
sean: without you, i'm a head with nothing inside, brainless.
sean: without you, i'm like having a butt and nothing inside, shitless.

hahaha we're made of nonsense, but i love us just this way. hehe love you so much my skinny bean.


blackespresso said...

awww :):)

zhengning said...

hehe <3

kaiqi said...

gag you know we're so going to make a video out of that convo at the nxt sishood outing right hahahahaha