October 05, 2011

I can keep a secret if you can keep me guessing,

(from my bb)
1. a part of my 18th birthday present from my favorite girls
2. my favorite atl record (put up or shut up), as well as atl's wristband from hottopic
3. scribblings from my jc days - on the left: atl's songs titles, on the right: lyrics to the song therapy (thanks mins!!) i've kept them so well

all time low has been my favorite band for a long time. i remember days where i watched them play every single day (via youtube), watched their shows and gigs, ALL their interviews prior to 2010 - i could even memorise their lines. and also days where i listened to coffeeshop soundtrack/remembering sunday/six feet under the stars for at least once everyday, gosh. all time low's definitely the soundtrack to my teenage years..... my girls from jc, my previous bandmates and my closer friends would've knew how crazy i am over alex gaskarth - spending so much on their merch and preorders, getting all updated on their news this and that especially in 2009, and early 2010 - all i ever wished for was to attend bamboozle, warped tour or any tours featuring these guys. i was so crazy, so so so so damn crazy over these guys. folders and folders of their images on my laptop, my phone, their lyrics and song titles are titles of my blog posts(and it's a yes for this one as well), their printed photos all over my wall etc. wow it's been so long i cant even remember. fyi if you dont already know, my blog title 'sunrise on the eastside' as well as my youtube acc 'flavorofyourlips' are lyrics to the song coffeeshop soundtrack, and of course, by all time low.
ps: i searched for my posts back in 09, lol check these out - selective eating, gaskarth, sex hair.

so many things have changed, i dont go all gaga over bands anymore. still, it's a fucking dream come true. it was not even close to possible for them to come over to play a show here since they werent mainstream when i started listening to them. and you dont know how long i've waited for this shit to happen in singapore, for them to fucking play a show here. four years. i've waited for four years to watch them live. they were brillant. they still are. tomorrow's gonna be one of the best days of my life.

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