November 24, 2011

You get me higher,

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-lumiere photography

i havent seen you since a little more than three weeks ago. one more day until you’re home, i missed you so much. i'm happiest when i'm being myself and i'm myself when i'm w you... my happy pill's coming back to me soon!!!! my junkfood buddy, we need a junkfood fix! in case youre wondering, apparently my boy's one of my few friends who's willing to pig out on junkfood w me. but most importantly, no more unnecessary tears at night. gonna bury my face in his chest and give him a fucking tight bear hug when i see him (what if i run to him? hahaha so drama) also gonna drag two big luggages to the airport on friday morning, pick my happy pill up from the airport, do some catching up/probably breakfast/roam around the airport, then off we head to the land of smiles! a tad too rushy for my boy though, but i'm glad we could come up w a compromise somehow, w his army exercise grr. army exercise's a killjoy. but whatever. i'm so excited for our first trip abroad together, i even made us a travel booklet! i've got so many places i want to visit, jotted them all down, and of course we're so going to eat our hearts out. phad thai, can you hear me already? cheap and good street food, here i come!!
i know we're going to have so much fun.

i cant wait to see you dear... at the airport.
cant wait to just look at my favorite face, and be right beside my favorite boy.
i'll be seeing you soon FOR REAL this time :')

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