December 05, 2011

I thought I was walking on stars,

i've been seeing sean for eleven consecutive days since our bangkok trip, twelfth tomorrow and i have got nothing to complain about at all. the boy's whipping a four course meal in his kitchen right now while im rolling on his bed for he doesnt allow me to get out of his room.. ok actually i sneaked out but he locked his kitchen door wtf haha. chef sean claimed that i'll be super shock by his dessert later on because i would've never imagined him capable of making that (i really dont know wtf is that lol, but i know im so hungry hahahaha) failed to guess it right with my three chances, and he wont tell me. the only hint given is that something's baked.

did i mention i love it especially when he cook smth special for me hahahahaha
mmmmmmm~~ i'm guessing cream of mushroom, some fried starters, mains would be baked fish or baked pasta, then some custard pudding or cheesecake for dessert.
i'm not good at guessing, not good at all. but i cant wait to eat already :)

neways, bangkok w the boy was so awesome. was sucha great trip! i totally understand why everyone love bkk so much. did the obvious duties of shopping and eating, so much that both of us gained at least two kgs each when we got back. love the street food especially!! fucking cheap but ultimately, the most yummy. oh not forgetting the cab rides, the cab rides were dirt cheap. we took it so often like it was free ya know (it wont happen in sg haha too ex here), and i missed khao san too - such a lovely place to be at. although it was my first trip to the city, i did so much research prior to it. planned the itinerary; what to do, where to shop, where to eat, hahaha but then again - it's so me. managed to locate the two cupcakes shop i wanted to visit, and they were so pretty and good! thanks bangkok for the great weather too. flood my ass seriously. i'm definitely returning to bangkok again.
i'll do a little photo diary the next time i revisit this blog of mine. i wished i could do it soon but i've got plenty of dinners/meetups this week, and of course, common tests to deal with sigh, need a breather.

also, i'll be turning 20 in a few hours. gonna spend my 20th in school, wearing formal attire, and yes delivering a presentation fml.... hope it'll go well though. looking forward to having dinner w the boy tmr. i have no idea where he's taking me to but i'm so thankful that i could actually get to spend my actual bday w him. thanks for taking a day off dear, and thanks for whipping a feast for me tonight.
i love you so much my favorite boy x

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