March 31, 2012

End of March,

(according to sean) i was rolling on his bed last night, almost asleep. almost. or maybe i was already alseep, and was just sleep-talking. ok it doesnt matter. but i was like, "baby, remember to set the taxi timing k?" then i was saying shit that he had no clue at all, then..... silence. died on his bed.

sigh this is how work's been haunting me for the past few weeks. i even dreamt of wearing the head set, speaking into the mouth piece and helping people book taxis, oh my lord. ikr, even in my dreams?! nightmare seriously.
lol the fuck is taxi timing? i actually meant the alarm.

i am so sad i have to work next saturday (SA's 150th anniversary), crap shit. am hoping that the ruthless tyrants would approve my request to change shift. i mean seriously, they got to. why the fuck are we interns even working on saturdays (both sats and suns) in the first place?! and everyone's going back!!! i'm going back too I DONT CARE!!

oh and happy april's fool day btw, in advance, since i'm pretty sure i wont be back the next two days. have fun pranking your mates, haha. i have no interesting ideas in mind, and i dont have that kinda enthusiasm anymore. i rmb removing the layer of cream between oreo cookies and replace them w toothpaste few years ago, i dont rmb when though. it was sucha fail!!! the toothpaste's smell was incredibly strong and everyone guessed it! no one ate my cookies..... (why cant they guess it's mint cookie?!)

time to catch up w driving once again........ soon. k night.

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