March 21, 2012

Out of touch,

finally got back our results last weekend. well, it wasnt too bad at all considering the amount of effort i put in was almost minimal. am really happy for the results, though my cumulative's still junk-like. i have no idea how on earth am i gonna pull that up. i need to get into a decent uni, but i dont even know how to. we had to choose our timetables/classes today, and i had to work during the assigned appointment period. shit happened, and i was the only intern who turned up for work (there was no internet access, no nothing, i cant even choose my timetable) had to trouble sean, who's all the way in camp, to help me w it. thank god for him. like i said, i have no friends. not even at work. sad is me. something must be wrong w me?

or maybe i'm just.......... ugly. lol

i'm trying my best to stay all positive at work. actually work isnt that tough, i just really hate the fact that it's desk-bound, hey i had to sit down for like eight hours a day? doing nothing but being on the line. work has made me fucking unhealthy, and of course, fat. have gained some weight for being a lazy bum and also constantly feeling the need to insert food into my mouth -- been eating at least four proper meals a day, including supper, because i'm always hungry when i get back home close to midnight everyday. been eating lots of take-out meals, and processed food for convenience sake. i miss home-cooked dinners. on normal days, even if i dont exercise, i'm constantly on the move! so yes, work is bad. even my boy noticed my weight gain and has been asking me to watch my weight because i'm turning into a ball. have also reverted my sleeping habits back to my 'after-jc days' sleeping patterns, which was obviously fucked. apart from being a lazy bum, i hate the traveling part. i mean srsly, i could do the same piece of work if i were at home. and probably even better since i dont have to dread traveling to work. should be thankful i get to talk to more than a hundred foreigners a day, and mostly my favorite angmohs/japs, i'm given a chance to talk to how many rich old/young businessmen a day - wow, i would never be able to do that in real life.. now, i could also give you the taxi stand numbers of many locations, how amazing they're all in my head. been booking cabs for various callers from different restaurants and also new places, i'm excited and i really wanna check out some places. shall make a list of those during call intervals.

counting down to the end of internship, twenty seven more days to go. for once, i cant wait for school to start again soon. not that i love school, but that amount of incentives given to us is not at all attractive... i could do w better incentives. cant wait to get out of that place.

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