April 26, 2012

That again,

i hate lonely nights, i hate it. especially when i have to struggle and rush my already-tired soul to finish a 2k words internship report that will be dued in two days, and i'm only just starting on it. i feel like i'm trapped in a bubble, cant get out of it no matter how hard i try, all i can do is continue floating - continue writing or just wait for something to happen. lol description fail. but no, i'm serious. i hate doing this alone, and in the middle of it, i get frustrated about myself every single time (mostly over nothing) and get upset over.... god knows what. of course, school work's just a partial of it. here goes the old saying again, "all bad things come together"...... haha i wish i wasnt so sad all the time.

(ok this is totally irrelevant to my previous text) i thought of you. in fact, i think of you so often, it's insane. i love how my cold hands choose to seek warmth between your palms. they misses your palms quite instantly. they're kinda smart.. haha. how about some cupcakes, cheese fries or bread along with tea, a bed + your body by my side? perfect combination... hehe. sean, thanks so much for dropping by passed two nights, just to accompany me, give me back rubs, and just let me lie on your thighs for hours even though they got numbed. but most importantly, thanks for that quick gasp of air. much needed. it feels so good when there's someone assuring you that things will be fine (even when they dont know about the situation, aiya who cares) and take care of you for a while. i love that feeling. i love your hugs. those are my favorite. for now, i'm just gonna pretend hugging you till i see you this weekend x

have you guys checked out scoot's latest promo fares? bkk for 44sgd (w all taxes included) wtf this is so tempting. haha i think it's cheaper than my taxi farez.

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