April 24, 2012

Yes, i failed once again.

can you believe it? i failed my class 3 once again. "it's so easy, you can do it...." "dont worry you'll pass this time round" yes and it's so hard to fail, yet i failed it, TWICE. i was so hopeful, and now i'm just a fucking failure. two times. but srsly, i dont even know why i failed (he said i'm good to go if i drive on my own yet he failed me) who fucking take tp two times and still cant pass?!?! fuck, nobody!!
yes i need to get out of this, move the fuck on with life. (and no i did not just skipped one lecture and two tutorials for this shit.......) crying over spilled milk is retarded since damage's alr done. driving is just.....driving. just a fucking license. yes yes, i've waited two months for this chance, and now, i need to wait another three more months before another available slot. then what, fail again? i need to kill myself. how to not feel lousy you tell me? whatever man.

i hate this post.

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