May 28, 2012

May 26, 2010

it was two years ago, a wednesday. i don't remember much, other than heading out that evening, met up a friend and a couple of people for dinner, w no other intention besides to just hang out at zouk that night. i wasn't expecting to meet you.

you were all i could think about ever since i first met you that frigid night two years ago. all i knew was that my heart was dancing. we shared our first laugh, first smile, first kiss. i remembered how your arms embraced me, the warmth of your body against mine, and i remembered how you held me. what a night. i couldn't seem to forget you, and i was so glad we started texting, hung out eventually, and then it felt so right and everything just fell into place. it's crazy huh? everything was so quick, we were crazily in love and i had never felt that way w anyone else before. yet i was so sure this was what i wanted, you were all i wanted. two years have passed, and you are still here holding me just the same, kissing me and loving me the same as you did two years ago, or perhaps even deeper. i always questioned myself what have i done to deserve such a amazing person, amazing soul and amazing heart? i thank god for your presence in my life every single day. thanks for making my life worth while, showering me with so much love, more than i can ever possibly deserve.

i can never get enough of you. you're heaven sent.

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