May 03, 2012

First of May,

caught AVENGERS yesterday, fucking kickass. it was so good!! my favorite line from thor,
Thor: he is my brother!!!
Black Widow: he killed eighty people in two days.
Thor: he's adopted. 
hahahahaha wtf so cute, burst out laughing in the cinema. and i love love love it when my captain instructed hulk to SMASH!!!! ok sorry i'm still all so excited. but it's probably the best movie i've watched the past few weekends! totally worth all the anticipation. i love how they linked all their previous movies tgt, like didnt miss out all the little details etc (oh, and GONE is a lame movie please dont even bother to watch) actually i was part of the AVENGERS assemble also, they called me the red widow or the captain-ning but i backed out because i'm not as brave as stark. crazy shit imagine i'll to divert the nuclear missile, carry it all the way to the rift to end the alien shit wtf hahaha, i'll die man. hehe i wanna be a superhero too!! (LOL sorry guys i have a dream)  i cant wait for the amazing spiderman x

ok meanwhile here are some photos from my humble bb (sigh bb's gonna die soon),
1. grapes, right after lunch.
2. hellokitty cupcakes from @_lovehatehero's party, they're too cute!
3. a cookie (from dialogue in the dark) + a @vogueeunice.
4. supper one night (consists of rice, chicken stew, brocoli/cauliflower, and salted egg) 
5. sean and i celebrated our twenty second monthsary last weekend!
6. macs - one of my favorite budget meal. no but srlsy it's much cheaper than food court food.
7. pictures from my first roll of film.
8. been reading up on cupcakes and such.
9. ayam penyet for dinner @ indonesian street food (plaza sing)

and last weekend before avengers........
10. i r captain
11. i r thor
12. thor girl and thor boy hahahahahaha (i know my captions suck but who cares, i love you thor)

also, i did a cover of maroon 5's payphone last weekend. some parts were urgh (most of the parts actually) but im too lazy to even record it again, so yeah it is:
hahaha what a thumbnail i looked like a goldfish?? and my voice's so damn high here hmm, actually it's kinda annoying after listening to it for some time. meow (think deep tone here, i need to balance it out lol)

tomorrow: lunch, school. then time to say hi to new hair yo'

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