July 16, 2012

Malfunction. Yeah, Lived it.

"i keep it steady, for the one that i love."  - ben howard (a hand to hold)

i was overjoyed when i spotted a photobooth machine on our second day at sydney. have seen these in many movies, and have always wanted to try it w my special someone. (neoprints machine and id photobooth arent comparable, i love these old-fashioned kinda stuff haaah) had so much fun at the booth, with some terrible angle but who cares... i love you w all my heart, my happy pill. - sydney'12

as you guys noticed, i somehow managed to cross my own deadline. then again, i can never meet deadlines. aussie trip's journal not up yet, but i'm definitely trying my best! i just have not got time for this blog the past week, my whole week was packed with projects and more projects, one after another. what is free time? free time's a rarity. cant wait for all these to come to an end, and i'll have time for myself. damn i'm tired. i need my life back. i dont even have time to visit cafes/restos and new places, let alone checking out recipes or cook something decent. also haven been catching up w my girls, snapping photos, creating new memories or dolling myself up. been sleeping at ungodly hours and waking up early for school the next day, which obviously is the reason why my eyebags are at such a hideous stage. lack of sleep, lack of food dates, gosh. cant even remember when was the last time sean and i go dating, nowadays we just meet to have a meal and date at each other's crib haha. well, also saving up huh. sigh i really need to work on time management, ah just let me ramble on here. i repeat, i need my life back. 

oh well..... to kickstart my aussie journal, here are some of the stuff i brought back from the land down under, (i shall include the price $$$ as well)
1. black trenchcoat (supre), 50AUD.
2. biker jacket (some random shop at harbour town), 18AUD.
i got these two precious outer on the first day when we landed on brisbane. i love these two pieces so much! it's like two three times cheaper compared to the ones found here, what a good deal!

3. tops/outer/bottom
got the black basic, and maroon cardigan (both extreme end) from cotton on for like what, 5AUD and 2AUD respectively. my tribal printed bralet was purchased at 7.50AUD, supre; leopard print bralet, again from cotton on, 5AUD - which was too tight for me sigh; polka dotted blazer from valley girl at 10AUD, and a tribal printed shorts from citybeach, at only 15AUD.

4. accessories
excluding the two feathery-earrings, everything else's here cost cost less than 2AUD. yes the hair straightener was given to sean free!! (and yes, of cos it's now mine hahah......)

5. shades, a total of 10, @ 2AUD each. hahaha and they're mostly gifts.
6. 3AUD eiffel tower cookie cutter bought at sydney fish market.
7. awww too cute right, got three of these in melbourne's queen's victoria.

8. SNACKS. i've got lots more, nuts, granola and stuff. and they're all gone lol.
i have w me here two of my favorites from arnott's, that cant be found in sg. arnott's relatively cheap in australia, and they have such a wide variety of it, the ones here are so limited and overpriced. sean and i also bought ready-to-eat pasta back!! cant wait to try the packet out.

9. panty liners, such pretty packaging, i knew i had to get it......

& not in picture,
10. kitchen tools - black pepper corn, and a grater.
11. birthday cards for myself because they are too pretty hahahaha and i had to.


well despite all the heavy workload, and all other bad things i could think of that july has offered me, there are also a few things to look up to here and there;
  1. i've got my drivers' license!!!!! i know it's no biggie to most people, but it meant something to me. well at least i met my personal goal to attain my license before i turn 21 hehe. have yet to drive out, but still am v much contented..
  2. i've got my s3!!!! (well i had to, my bb died at the most crucial point of time when i was halfway into my IP project wtf) so yes i'm a andriod user now. been spending so much of my time trying to get used to a touched screen phone, haha ikr it's been quite a while since everyone's proficient w touchscreen electronics (iphone/ipad), but i have been using bb more more than two years - haha. s3 has been treating me really well so far, am having fun swiping away.
i have an instagram acc as well, do follow me up @ zhengningng heh (sigh someone took the acc 'zhengning' away........ and that makes it my only socialnetwork acc w/o zhengning as my username lol ok that's a very random fact)

also, please let me know where can i get pretty s3 covers. i finally got my first cover today, it's a little surprise from sean (uh not exactly. he called me to ask if i wanted one, but i didnt pick up. he still got it anyways, heh) and i love it!

shall do a kickass dance to welcome august.

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