July 08, 2012

We're on a timebomb,

this weekend feels like weekday to me. early morning trip back to school for our TD/OB workshop, had lunch w the boy, i also spent some time helping the boy w his revision on accounts, which i obviously do not remember anything at all and i felt really bad about it, it was supposed to be my best module in school, yet i couldnt even offer much help now. just one year and i conveniently forgot every single shit, seriously. time to dig my previous notes out, why because i especially hates it when i cant solve something that i think i'm capable of! and i usually gets really mad, i'm so going to read it all up again. had dinner at his gramp's in the evening, before heading back for a cuppa iced coffee, in an attempt to complete some of my assignments and tasks on hand. you should know the outcome if i succeeded or not, since i'm right here....... negative. i really wish i would use my time more wisely though. stressful week ahead where we have to submit two reports which we have yet to start on it, not even a single bit. good luck to myself. exams this sem should be in august, i'm nowhere close to ready, but i would gladly welcome it. deadlines are making me miserable. that said, i still have close to six hundred more picas to filter out from the aussie trip, before i can post the rest up on my fb. shall try to start blogging about aussie by next weekend haha let's see if i could meet my own deadline huh

i have a sudden urge to start picking up french all over again. maybe i should! and that could be my motivation to fly over to paris, and lyon for all the romance and good food. ok i need to stop picturing all these in my head, because it's not going to happen anytime soon. delivered a presentation on maldives last thursday, we were supposed to plan a luxurious honeymoon trip for a young married couple - seasons, preparations, transport, accommodations as well as attractions - i cant wait to land my feet there someday sigh. meanwhile, sean and i also sat down and brainstormed where shall we head to together next year - he's back to school, and i'll still be in school - poor students we are, so it should be somewhere near. i guess? we dont know yet, but talking about it is enough to excite me. motivation to save up!!!! $.$ 

oh, and the amazing spiderman was indeed amazing. (O'YEAH the amazing andrew garfield.......)

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