August 09, 2012

Happy 47th independence day, Singapore.

(wow, i just realised this is my first post in august......)


it's singapore's independence day today, and i'm pretty sure everyone on the streets were decked in either red or white - ok or maybe even both red and white. i love how most singaporeans would, you know, somehow display our love for the country by wearing the 'national colors' on every 9th of august. even though we hear lots of complains, unhappiness and grievances from people now and then, (and even though i always jokingly blamed my mom for not giving birth to me in uk/usa hahahaa) i have to admit that i always feel truly blessed that i was born and raised in this beautiful little sunny island. this place is really special to me, and i have got so many things to be thankful about.

well this year, i gave the parade and fireworks a miss, instead, i met up w my girls for some yummy salted egg yolk crab at master crabs! i truly believe that national day's a good day for families and friends to gather and have fun, and meeting my favorite girls for dinner would be the most perfect. yes, we were all clad in red and white (even bestie who couldnt turn up, and ma who's in china) apparently we did whatsapped each other our ootd and gaggy kindly did a collage for us, as seen above x

and i've got a video to share tonight,

so my lovely cousins, their friends and crew from steadiproductions, came together and made a video, showing their love for our country. in this video, they did a cover of tanya's where i belong - which also happens to be my favorite ndp song after all these years - along the streets of orchard road. it feels really surreal seeing my whole extended family in the same video, my family's definitely a sporting and supportive one. my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, cousins in laws, nephews and nieces - everyone! what an amazing project, it was actually featured on the papers as well. i'm really proud of them and i know that they had put in a lot of effort into filming and making this all happen, that's why i'm sharing this on my blog as well. do show some love and support! 

last year, my cousin, yingquan, and his crew also did a video as well - "project runthru singapore" whereby he ran through singapore, capturing all the beauty and footages, landscape, skylines and what not of the whole nation. i loved the whole concept, and till date, it garnered close to 38k views. you can view the video here as well.

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