August 22, 2012

Just a quick one,

i was wondering where were my notes after uploading this pica up. hhahaha i have no idea.

so, two down. two more to go. exams can be such an eye roll. still, exams over projects anytime, just saying. and after my last paper this coming friday, i'm officially left w one final semester in np. ikr, probably expecting me to go "how time flies" and shit, well which is true. other than that, i've been looking forward to a proper day out w my lokerman. i can foresee how busy both of us would be, w packed schedules and all when we start work and school respectively, so.... i guess, friday it shall be!

cant wait to post and share my thoughts, my day, pictures and so on, on my blog again. hoping that i'll stop being so lazy that is. got to release and let that inner laziness out (in fact, i should've done so long ago, at least for my exams, no?) haha talk about priorities again.

happy mid week y'all~

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