October 07, 2012

Say Nothing,

dont bother watching the clip, i didnt like it either. but i love this one, ace tune. quote gratzydesigns on youtube, "what an example of a great example song by example." haha true that.

we used to have our eggs sunny side up / but the fun dried up / and now i feel like our times up / i can see you wanna talk but your tongues tied up / gotta wise up / cant keep hiding, cant keep sliding down that one way road to oblivion / i've told you a million times where my heads at / but it's all arguments and who's winning em / sometimes the right words don't surface / shut up pretend it's all perfect / brain short circuits so / i look in to your eyes and i don't feel worthless / what i said you know i never meant it / like somebody keeps finishing my sentence / no more tears, no more lies / i know what you want when you say it with your eyes. 

so nice on the surface, but somehow we burnt it.
now words don't mean a thing.

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blackespresso said...

lovley photos, so glad you had fun! traveling is so liberating and you're making me miss it so much! x