October 06, 2012


just finished watching this, as well as clips from x factor's bootcamp sing off. cece frey's such a bitch omg, i cant even. back to this one from ellen's, go watch it!! you wont want to miss this one, takes so much guts to do this omg. couldnt stop laughing the minute amy did lionel richie's, and "zigazig-ah" part wtf, just way too funny. of course, the last one too! orange guy made my day, he's so cute. i admire amy, she has the guts to do shit like this haha, people must've thought she's psycho though. but yes.... i'm so game to try this out, WHO'S WITH ME?!

right now, it's 1.42am. i’m just sitting here at my desk, refreshing the same few boring webpages as if something will happen. also, craving for ramen for some reasons. i will never get enough of ramen noodles, the thought of the hearty and flavorful broth.... oh shit. i need you in my system now. need to satisfy that craving soonish. also, this month (ok i meant week, because it's only first week into oct) saw me spending more than a hundred dollarz on earrings. it's crazy i know, because they weren't even branded!! so last weekend, i roamed around town alone and came back home w five pairs of earrings from lovisa. today, damages were done at newlook. yes all in a week. i'm cray cray i know.... but, "do what makes you happy" i'm keeping this in mind. or maybe i should just take a nap now, and wake up to something beautiful. goodnight eyeballs.

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