November 25, 2012

I can see the perfect sky is torn.

two recent vocal covers, alright not that recent actually. plus i'm not really covering-covering. did them for the sake of fun. our rmw tutor played natalie imbruglia's torn in class during our break time one fine day, and i was happily humming to it. so i eventually did a cover of it after i got back home from school. well in fact, our rmw tutor has a list of songs to play during class - because we have really long breaks in between his lesson - and last week we were our own djs! man, i love it. and true enough maroon5 and 1D were on repeat lol. ikr so fucking mainstream, but i cannot get enough of them too omg i should stop fan-girling already. oh and i know i'm so putting myself to risk of losing all my friends if i post these videos up, especially cher llyod's because i was..... rappin', HAHA but i still did it anyways. i like cher a lot. oh you're allowed to laugh all you want, this was all again recorded just for the sake of fun, please dont remove me or drop me off your list of friends my lovelies lol

November 23, 2012

On Thanks,

so it's thanksgiving today, not that i/we do celebrate it widely here, but i thought i'd write down a list of things that i'm thankful for. very quickly, i want to acknowledge all of these; i'm thankful for my sweetest girlfriends - every single one of you. you girls are such a huge part of my life, true friends, parents, especially my mom who constantly supports me no matter what i do, and only buys and cooks food that i like (yes my parents got to switch to food that i like lol tofu baby and stuff), sister who is ridiculously talented even though we are always picking fights, good health, flowers, my schedule book that records all my daily agenda, and even this box of cereal in my room, this packet of hellopanda lying on my table, instagram yes i'm thankful for you, and even a phone call  last night that did wonders. the list could go on. past few weeks was not easy at all, i'm still figuring myself out, but pretty much all alone this time round. lately i'm struck w sudden bursts of sadness, i dont know why. well, wait. maybe i actually do. i just cant explain and put it down in words. i actually wish i could do that crying game you see, but i cant even feel my tears at all. still, i want to thank people who've been texting me or leaving me fs messages, i'm awfully grateful to have all you lovely people, even in my most difficult moments.

posting some picas from wenshit's 21st party, she celebrated it a weekend earlier, it was a themed birthday party. the theme that night was actually rubik's cube, hehe i thought that was so creative. i was dressed in blue though! pretty much not my color, but i was going for a change. gaggy and i were the unofficial photographers that day, together w goodfren the polaroid girl. so thankful for this little girl wenshit, you should know how special you are to all of us in sishood hehe. love you x

awwwwwwww :')
my favorite girls, always.

so now i'm the only one among the girls who hasnt turn 21 yet, going through some sort of stress planning it though. planning a friend's party's definitely so much easier, urgh hopefully my guests will have a good time.

November 22, 2012


  • having my ninth bowl of cereal for today
  • set a whole new record for myself by clearing one of those fucking packet in just one day
  • and yes halfway into my second
  • my mom asked if i could stop eating cereal
  • i just got myself more milk woohoo 
  • but i'm so full omg im a cow
  • did went for a jog earlier though because i cant stand the carbo lol man it felt so good
  • still staring blankly at my lappy deciding which scenario to pick for my bcomm data gathering
  • you're my bestfriend now cereal uh ok that's right after coffee actually
  • still i'm not gonna stop eating you cereal 
  • gonna go for my tenth in a bit


  • having my fifth bowl of cereal today
  • it's a mix of honey bunches blueberry morning and special k
  • oh yes despite having salmon and all that stuff on ig this morning
  • cereal keeps me going (and makes me fat too) w that amount im consuming
  • staring blankly at my lappy deciding which scenario to pick for my bcomm data gathering
  • i love cats meow meow meow
  • i dont like punctuations
  • your skin against my skin
  • please dont ignore me because it makes me sad
  • great i dont even know what to write about anymore
  • my life is boring

November 17, 2012

She's a cereal girl,

sesame street did not educate me on cereal girl. lol whatever. it's 2.30am now, and all i can think about is cereal.


i've been eating A LOT of cereal, and yes i love cereal. (fyeah blueberry morning, special k and honey bunches of oats - i dont even know how to resist you) i know cereal aint bad at all, but i've been eating so much i dont even think the portion is sensible at all. it's starting to make me wonder if there is something wrong w me, because that's all i'm craving for all day for the past few months. i mean but of course, tgt w other cravings as well. i can finish this whole fucking cereal box in one day. that's almost fifteen servings if i'm not wrong, tgt w milk and yogurt, and nope i dont just eat that. i still have my normal meals everyday. i still have my steak, my chicken chop, noodles, ricebowls and other bambams - but w these in between my meals, as desserts, or at night just before going to bed every single day. last week alone, i finished four boxes of these in a week, all by myself. this is so crazy. i'm never full, not at all. i mean that also explains the crazy amount of weight i gained recently - sucha bad eating habit.......

and i cant seem to be able to cut my diet back to three normal meals a day.

November 10, 2012

s a t u r d a y,

once again, a typical saturday morning all by my myself, w my itunes playlist of course. such a quiet weekend. i'd like to say that i enjoyed sipping coffee, while having a matcha green tea muffin and some red wine flavored pejoys along w my cuppa earlier on, but i probably would like it better if i had a coffee date. well at least i've got something to look forward to this evening, so i should be thankful for that. i really want to bury myself in warm sand, but the weather is pretty inconsistent these days. in fact, we had quite a few rainy days. i dont know what else to say anymore. looking forward to the day i could say, "oh what a beautiful saturday morning!" or "wow this, best weekend ever!" or stuff along the line. i mean yes, totally look forward to that. time to think about what i should do with myself, and my life next week. goodness..

don't know what to say but it must get out / won't you stick around as i try to think out loud / i know that you can handle the truth / inside of me, the undying need to scream /  tried it with laughter, with anxiety / i've tried it with you now i must scream /  this must end here before i lose my voice over you / this must end here before i lose myself in you 

perfect song to describe my mood right now.

November 05, 2012

Daily word,

on this day of your life, zhengning, we believe god wants you to know that faith in yourself will see you through.

"you are strong and can deal with anything that life throws at you. take a deep breath and be filled with the knowledge that you can deal with all things."

still breathing.... 

November 04, 2012

What's so good about picking up the pieces?

back to the caraphernelia days, while also imagining living like a king some day (thanks to ptv and kellin quin) replaying this two tracks for the rest of my life.

so lots of things have happened, i'm sure you guys are aware of it because i've been getting lots of texts and messages from everywhere checking on me. thankyou everyone for being so sweet, i really appreciated it. well, but i dont know where and how to start writing about this, and i dont actually think that it's necessary for me to pen down a closure and tell you guys what exactly happened. there's a reason why friends are grouped into different categories, and there's also a reason why the term 'close friends' exist. i just want to say that, at least it was all good while it lasted. this love we had was real, and we were nothing less than perfect. i was definitely the luckiest person alive when we were together, but things just didnt work out. i felt that a part of me was missing, and bad things just kept entering my thoughts. it was mutual. put it this way, "sometimes you miss the memories, not the person." this was quite applicable. then again, thank god memories never die. at least we didnt continue that drag, and am not drowning into self pity that much comparatively to how it was a month back. tears are not overwhelming me anymore. even though i still dont know what the fuck do i want and expect out of it, for all i know, love does not mean you have to hold on to it forever. haha why do i feel like i've grown so much.

frankly speaking, i really missed how things used to be. been so used to waking up to texts, or the other way round. i miss having a certain someone there for you. thankfully i've got so many distractions at the moment, so much workload, it's super annoying. i cant even work now (oh fuck...) but at least i dont even have to look for things to keep me occupied. feeling odd these days, but i also accepted the fact that things are not the same anymore.

ending this off w some old photos from equarius hotel two weekends ago, that didnt get up onto fb (hahaha sorry for that lameass heading, but i'm not even lying)

Oh Loren,

oh loren loren, you sexy beast. she totally nailed that track. flawless, even xtina gave her the standing ovation. i cannot stop listening to loren's part, i must've replayed this for more than 50 times now. and over and over again. cannot get enough of it! so happy that she sang before nicole, it's easier to go back to the start and replay her performance, but then again nicole was boring, no offense. you're beyond amazing loren, and so fucking sexy. love adam's eargasmic reaction, and the way he's moving to this, even though he looks like he's jacking off while watching and wanted to fuck her at that moment she hit those high notes.

xfactor is bullshit (haha irony but i'm still gonna watch it) i'm only looking forward to lyric145, beatrice and carly, and that's about it. the judges screwed up and sent some of the most wonderful people back home, david correy, really? bullshit. and demi's turning paige thomas and cece frey into like what, lady gaga? horrible. thank god thevoice's judges dont screw their team up.

recent picas from my instagram: @zhengningng
1. cutesy halloween cake pops from dearest @lishwen, definitely cheered me up so much after a rough night.
2. comfort food fix w @lishwen again, unfortunately a housefly wanted to have a share of it too and flew right into our cup.... hahahaha
3. my favorite sandwich in school; here's bacon and cheese meltz.
4. a cuppa orange wedges to snack on that night. unfortunately, i usually eat more than what i snap.
5. our xmas molten lava cake sample!! i got to try it first hand. so good! i'm sure everyone'll love it!
6. a cuppa homemade lemon barley drink to soothe the throat.
7. timberlake for lunch the other day. hahah no i'm kidding. fell in love w that dude during my younger days, and i'm still in love.
8. dearest @g_jpei dropped by to pass me these seaweeds! such lovely packaging aww.
9. special tonkotsu ramen at ramen champion for dinner sometime back.
10. met up w @wenshi15 for lunch and there, we've got an infinity onion ring! cool huh
11. another random day @wenshi15 decided to visit me at work! love this girl hehe
12. handsdown one of the best cereals ever! fyi i love blueberry morning + honey oat crunch..

looking forward to accomplishing more in november. ho-ho-hopefully.