November 25, 2012

I can see the perfect sky is torn.

two recent vocal covers, alright not that recent actually. plus i'm not really covering-covering. did them for the sake of fun. our rmw tutor played natalie imbruglia's torn in class during our break time one fine day, and i was happily humming to it. so i eventually did a cover of it after i got back home from school. well in fact, our rmw tutor has a list of songs to play during class - because we have really long breaks in between his lesson - and last week we were our own djs! man, i love it. and true enough maroon5 and 1D were on repeat lol. ikr so fucking mainstream, but i cannot get enough of them too omg i should stop fan-girling already. oh and i know i'm so putting myself to risk of losing all my friends if i post these videos up, especially cher llyod's because i was..... rappin', HAHA but i still did it anyways. i like cher a lot. oh you're allowed to laugh all you want, this was all again recorded just for the sake of fun, please dont remove me or drop me off your list of friends my lovelies lol

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