November 10, 2012

s a t u r d a y,

once again, a typical saturday morning all by my myself, w my itunes playlist of course. such a quiet weekend. i'd like to say that i enjoyed sipping coffee, while having a matcha green tea muffin and some red wine flavored pejoys along w my cuppa earlier on, but i probably would like it better if i had a coffee date. well at least i've got something to look forward to this evening, so i should be thankful for that. i really want to bury myself in warm sand, but the weather is pretty inconsistent these days. in fact, we had quite a few rainy days. i dont know what else to say anymore. looking forward to the day i could say, "oh what a beautiful saturday morning!" or "wow this, best weekend ever!" or stuff along the line. i mean yes, totally look forward to that. time to think about what i should do with myself, and my life next week. goodness..

don't know what to say but it must get out / won't you stick around as i try to think out loud / i know that you can handle the truth / inside of me, the undying need to scream /  tried it with laughter, with anxiety / i've tried it with you now i must scream /  this must end here before i lose my voice over you / this must end here before i lose myself in you 

perfect song to describe my mood right now.

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