November 17, 2012

She's a cereal girl,

sesame street did not educate me on cereal girl. lol whatever. it's 2.30am now, and all i can think about is cereal.


i've been eating A LOT of cereal, and yes i love cereal. (fyeah blueberry morning, special k and honey bunches of oats - i dont even know how to resist you) i know cereal aint bad at all, but i've been eating so much i dont even think the portion is sensible at all. it's starting to make me wonder if there is something wrong w me, because that's all i'm craving for all day for the past few months. i mean but of course, tgt w other cravings as well. i can finish this whole fucking cereal box in one day. that's almost fifteen servings if i'm not wrong, tgt w milk and yogurt, and nope i dont just eat that. i still have my normal meals everyday. i still have my steak, my chicken chop, noodles, ricebowls and other bambams - but w these in between my meals, as desserts, or at night just before going to bed every single day. last week alone, i finished four boxes of these in a week, all by myself. this is so crazy. i'm never full, not at all. i mean that also explains the crazy amount of weight i gained recently - sucha bad eating habit.......

and i cant seem to be able to cut my diet back to three normal meals a day.

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blackespresso said...

you still look fantastic, so no worries!