December 12, 2012

Subconsious disarray.

so instead of working out tonight, i snacked on fruits, gummies, slice of bread w spreadable cheese, and seven fucking bowls of honey oatts w milk (i repeat, that means the entire box which is 14 servings of it from right after dinner, all the way till now. gosh, the amount of food i can eat alone, can easily feed 10 girls.... and time check: 2.43am - been injecting food in my system non stop since 6pm - ok what the fuck. body cant decipher between cravings and hunger. someone help me, i cant stop binge eating. frequent episodes of uncontrollable eating, even when i'm freaking full. worse still, it's a cycle. 

proj meetup w our client, all the way in the east tomorrow. bummer.
but on the brighter note, looking forward to starbucks 1 for 1 with @mrsharuma ^.^

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