January 29, 2013

On nights like this you will never be alone,

trying hard to keep to my promise of posting something on monday night, so here i am. feeling rather lazy though, i just got up from a nap and i'm pretty much heading to bed after i bathe. haven been catching any movies lately, i mean besides gangster squad. cornball script, but i still thought it was not a bad one. and of cos mr gosling made the gangsta movie so much better hehe. have yet to catch silver lining, hansel gretel and zero dark thirty. oh man, where art thou my movie buddies. maybe i should embrace the fact that we're living in a planet where people only watch movies with their boyfriends and girlfriends. lol, ok. tell me i did not just say that.

pictures from le annual christmas dinner party w the girls at gaggy's, last weekend of december'12 -
(& ma's finally back from land of xlb)
2012 vs 2009 woah

it was a potluck party this time round! when i think of dinner parties, i think of nights filled w good food, good company, and amazing conversations - all checked in one night. just take a look at our spread, we had pasta, potato and caesar salad, roasted chicken, sausages and meatballs, wings, bacon toast cups, and of course, chocolate fondue for desserts. we had the usual angel and mortal way of gift exchange. so that summed up our third christmas party tgt.

i'm gonna share this recipe to bacon wrapped egg/bacon toast cups (whatever you called it) this one appeared on my blog last year too. in fact i made this one so many times, i lost count of it. but yes i can assure you, this one's extremely easy and delicious. perfect for a lazy weekend or just a quick breakfast, or if you like eggs, bacon, and bread just like myself. all three rolled up in one, how convenient's that?
because we all love bacon and breakfast food.....(s o u r c e)

(for just one muffin tray)
6 slices of bacons
6 slices of bread
6 eggs
shredded cheddar
chopped herbs
salt and pepper

preheat the oven to 200 degree celsius, and grease the muffin pan with butter. in a skillet, fry bacon until slightly browned but not completely crispy, still pliable. drain on paper towels and let it cool. meanwhile, cut out rounds of bread (i used a drinking glass), press the bread rounds into the greased muffin wells. line the muffin wells w bacon slices, positioning between bread and muffin tin. add a small amount of shredded cheese in the center of each piece of bread. crack an egg into each cup, one at a time, removing about half the egg white each time. sprinkle with chopped herbs, salt and pepper. then bake until set for approx 8 to 9min. then run a knife around the edge of each muffin well to loosen the egg cups. and you're... DONE.

January 27, 2013

Jan/Feb playlist,

left my blog to shame again, but over at my instagram account? super noisy. been updating way too often over at the other side (@zhengningng) apologies for neglecting this space again, lacking images i know. i think it's time to do the countdown; one more busy weekend to conquer (one test, and two more presentations) and school's out. got to sit for two papers next month though.

i figured it was time for a new playlist, so i made one the other day. just sharing some tunes that i'm listening to lately,

  1. fred astaire san cisco
  2. sleepless flume ft. jezzabell doran 
  3. suit & tie justin timberlake ft jay-z
  4. be above it tame impala
  5. heart of blue shannon saunders
  6. bad to me loon lake
  7. hiccups jinja safari
  8. chronicles of a fallen love the bloody beetroots ft. greta
  9. janie further seems forever
  10. mr polite the jungle giants
  11. sweater weather the neighbourhood
  12. told you so cub scouts
  13. verseau coeur de pirate
  14. i love it icona pop ft charli
  15. pharaohs sbtrkt
  16. millions starfucker
  17. neither here nor there lost in the trees
  18. w.o.w architecture in helsinki
  19. jamaica van she
  20. i see polographia
  21. hypothermia collarbones ft guerre
  22. metaphors san cisco
  23. falling away big scary
  24. sparks partyclub
  25. american daydream electric guest

know what? i'm gonna update this space w pictures after my paper next monday. promise!
oh damn i'm tired.

January 22, 2013

"Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in this world." - helen keller.

the enemy always wins, right? or at least for yet another time round. this self hating shit is fogging my entire vision and i really dont know how not to wallow in self pity. i think my mind is dysfunctional. either that, or i'm just pretty much destroyed, emotionally, and living in a fucking squirrel cage. relationship management final paper in a few hours, lol crap piece a joke. i cant even manage my own emotions. i guessed that explains how i failed my test back in december, lol k now i know. gosh, i feel so awful. i really do.

January 14, 2013

Daily Horoscope,


" a difficult person is taking up way too much space in your mind. someone is causing you to be distracted, depressed and anxious. why are you allowing this person to invade your thoughts? why are you allowing this person to cause you such stress? wait a minute... you do recognize that you are allowing this to happen, dont you? another individual can only do as much damage to you as you follow, so if someone is bringing more bad than good in your life, make the change you need to make. "

hokay hi, and what can i say? why does this always happen.

January 08, 2013

If you make my life worthwhile, it’s all about you.

just before hitting the sack last night, i decided to hit on the link that was sent to me on fb because 1) it's tom fucking fletcher (no way you're saying no to him) and 2) fletcher's wedding speech? hell yes, anyone w the right mind would click on the link. so tom married g sometime back last year, somehow his speech only went viral last night,

gosh, one word that is - beautiful. so damn beautiful, and fucking brillant. every time tom nearly cried, my heart went "awww" too, and when he sang about mcfly and g, i couldnt hold back my tears. that was really sweet, absolutely special, and truly amazing. best wedding speech ever, and all the mcfly songs coming alive - that goes to show how much time and effort tom has put into that, what a lucky girl g is! so i guess we all need to marry a tom fletcher or a great musician huh, for a wedding speech like this? hahaha. i kid. (fletcher you raised the bar way too high for men lol) fourteen minutes of smiles, and warm fuzzies. hehe gonna watch it for the third time round.

We should always know that we can do anything,

i haven been updating much, not because i've got nothing to blog about (i have images backdated all the way from nov, and of cos, too many from last dec! gosh where do i even find the time to get on) sigh. but no worries, i'm still alive and kickin' shit.

i've got so much to do in and outside school the past few weeks, i will try to post more frequently, or at least, try to keep this space updated instead of keep posting backdated entries. but now you see, i've got just about six academic weeks left and i'm out. wooo, fun stuff. but meanwhile, i guess i got to still set my priorities right, school's been keeping really busy. (busy on urbandict: attempting to seem important, and not being shy about it) LOL i love urbandict, cracks me up everytime. i hope it was not too bad an attempt. but i do need some time to do some of my usual activities. besides falling sick last night, my binge eating problem's almost getting out of hand alr. need a solution though. my weight is back up, i'm out of shape again. btw, im not a typical girl who complains about my body (i really don't), and i'm not someone who goes on diets. hate counting calories too, because i just refuse to (and i'll never eliminate alcohol sorry) what to do? food makes me happy all the time. but i do need to stop binge eating, i need to eat like a normal human, gosh. my mom cant believe either that i can have eight (full) proper meals a day, and i clear everything. i'm not even kidding. i need to fucking run seriously.

so this came in slightly late, but i did make a list afterall. hopefully i'll stay committed and try to strike it all out by the end of the year:
goals goals goals. these are pretty much realistic no? i dont even want to mention about anything related to my financial status. that would be so stressing.

neways, caught wreck it ralph and les miserables recently. okay maybe not so recent, but those were the last two i caught in the theatres. wreck it was cute, and les miserables i think i did mentioned, new year eve movie. right, wolverine can actually sing, oh and he's so charming. and so i say, january's a good month! there's so so so many movies coming up - gangster squad, silver lining playbook, deadfall, rust and bone (french), the impossible, mama, hansel&gretal, the expatriate, and a haunted house... oh now that i've got more things to keep me occupied.

i'll definitely do a proper post soon. meanwhile to make it up, i'm throwing in two to share before i go cling on to my bed:
my anchor girls looking good in formal wear for our final IP presentation. we're done w IP *throws confetti*
can you imagine me being one corporate slave? tbh i cant.

w a part of my favorite girls two days ago at ksuites, such a lovely place and it's super affordable. (and yes you're right, you're going to anticipate photospamz from this meet up haha)

January 01, 2013

Daily word,

today, zhengning, we believe god wants you to know that there is a meaning to all this.
"no one can see beyond the horizon of their own lives. we are threads in the great tapestry of time. have faith. every stitch has a reason."

sometimes you may find yourself in a dilemma where you are "damned if you do, and damned if you don't." you cannot solve such dilemmas by choosing a side because both paths lead to suffering. the only way out is to transform your perspective to a place where the dilemma no longer exists. this is possible.


happy new year everyone. so i spent my new year's eve hanging out w the le bestie instead of heading to zouk last night. sipped on some booze, shouted and wished strangers happy new year, before catching les miserables. well and obviously, first meal of the year was nachos and popcorns, a quiet new year a great company albeit the freezer weather at dawn. 2013 also started w me, holding an intriguing conversation w le cabbie otw back home.

i wanted to sneak in a post before 2012 officially drew to a close, but as usual, procrastination took over me, and at the same time, the new year snuck up quicker than i expected. i used do a giant recaps every year, it's so fun looking back on the year and do reflections, but i'm really getting lazier as i grow old. the year behind me was full of ups and downs, lots of life altering changes took place, and i wouldnt have imagined my life to be in this mix right now a year ago. it's not a bad mix afterall, but it definitely hasn't been a great year, with that many trying situations, tough times, good times, tears, and a failed relationship. i just cant do anything good. achieved nothing at the end of the day, and given up tons of hope. i want to stay positive for the new year, and remember all the insanely good times from the past year - that would be one of my many resolutions for the new year. and of course, i loved every single travel experience and opportunity i had, i was fortunate enough to fly over to australia, hung out w penguins, koalas and kangaroos. the trip to australia was definitely my favorite moment in 2012, undoubtedly. i had the time of my life there. i attained my driver's license, and made a solo trip before turning twenty one. made new friends, forged stronger friendships w the old ones, i also got myself a job to earn a little spare cash, though i've not been saving it up for my graduation trip. in fact, i've been spending way too much after working. oh well, i'm so glad that 2012 has officially ended for me. thanks to everyone who has taken part in some way.

i hope to make 2013's a thousand times better. i just want to be happy to be honest. i want to be genuinely happy. enough of heartaches and bullshits, i need new directions. i need to stop wasting time on people who dont give a damn about me at all. i will be graduating in 2013, and god knows i might turn into a corporate slave or just a jobless soul wandering around, i dont know. i'm in for a bit of suspense, but i need a little bit of luck too. stay positive, strong, and active. keep fighting. life is going to be what i make it, and my life will be amazing and worth living for. i just knew it. here's to a new year full of love and  happiness.

2013, i'm going to stay stoked for you for as long as i can. please dont fail me. excite me.