January 08, 2013

If you make my life worthwhile, it’s all about you.

just before hitting the sack last night, i decided to hit on the link that was sent to me on fb because 1) it's tom fucking fletcher (no way you're saying no to him) and 2) fletcher's wedding speech? hell yes, anyone w the right mind would click on the link. so tom married g sometime back last year, somehow his speech only went viral last night,

gosh, one word that is - beautiful. so damn beautiful, and fucking brillant. every time tom nearly cried, my heart went "awww" too, and when he sang about mcfly and g, i couldnt hold back my tears. that was really sweet, absolutely special, and truly amazing. best wedding speech ever, and all the mcfly songs coming alive - that goes to show how much time and effort tom has put into that, what a lucky girl g is! so i guess we all need to marry a tom fletcher or a great musician huh, for a wedding speech like this? hahaha. i kid. (fletcher you raised the bar way too high for men lol) fourteen minutes of smiles, and warm fuzzies. hehe gonna watch it for the third time round.

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