February 27, 2013

Just sipping,

how to have a better day, or rather, morning.
  1. drink coffee
  2. read about the benefits of coffee
  3. make yourself a ham and cheese toast
  4. eat some cookies too
  5. watch a movie under the sheets
all checked this morning.

so number 2, benefits of coffee. as if it matters. because i'll still have my daily coffee fix even if it does more harm than good to me. thought i'd just throw in the some surprising health perks and facts below. i know, my friends know me well too. i love my cup of joe so much that i can have them at anytime of the day, even at midnight. here you go, coffee

  • protects against diabetes
  • lower the risk of developing parkinson's and dementia
  • staves off stroke
  • improves cholestrol health
  • have anti-cancer properties
  • combats depression (oh really! no wonder time to have more cuppas)
  • increase strength performance 
  • speeds up metabolism 
  • boosts your brainpower
  • cuts gallstone disease risk
  • helps fight cavities and ward off tooth decay

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